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It was a misty morning in west texas… or at least I think it was misty, maybe it was the remnants of the previous days peyote, but I know it was early, early morning, when it went down, when I heard proof of the hereafter.. We were Just truckin along, night driving the wide expanses and empty spaces of West Texas.
We had been at the Louisiana Texas border a couple days before, , smokin’ a little weed at the side of the road, kind of a parking lot rest area wide spot in the road, on a back highway. We were two days out of the military, me and Weasel, and really didn’t care who smelled it. We weren’t gonna rub yer nose in it, we hung to the side of the lot, and were sly about it. That said The scent did draw a courageous couple of folks to approach us, and it turned out they were from where we were goin’, and we were headed toward where we had been. They had just pulled into the lot as well, and were smoking before going into the store, as we were. So we did a little matching of bowls, and actually cruised the store together, comparing notes on where each were going, where were the cops, rest stops, and places to flop, and of course, a complete comparison of road snack foods. We were shopping stoned, after all. Now as we parted, our new friends, having just traversed New Mexico offered us a parting gift of Peyote, both raw buttons, and prepared tea in a glass jar. We had spoken earlier about how it wouldn’t really be a proper trip without a proper trip…… They just happened to have extra….. shwing!!!
Now we were rolling into Dallas next, to see my Great Aunt for a night, sleep, and get back on the road. Hadn’t seen her in years, so it was gonna be nice to shower, sleep in a bed, and catch up a little. Problem was, now we had to wait to play with the peyote… No way I was gonna be rollin on Peyote at the Posh house of my great uncle the retired banker….. This was still Texas after all, Ya’ll, Fuck Around!! Now Weasel was NOT happy with that…. waiting 24 hours to get into the Peyote…. ooooh, he was jumpin’ around like Rumpelstiltskin. Foamed at the mouth, threatened to do it without me, even threatened to leave without me, but I prevailed. I was twice his size, and had possession. So I had a nice visit with my Aunt, a hot shower, and, next morning, just outside the Dallas suburbs, we hit the tea. A couple hours later, we eat the buttons, under the mistaken impression that the tea hadn’t worked. Yeah…. we did that….. yup…. knew better, but hey…… WHAT A DAY!!!
not a lot of progress was made , miles wise on our trip, but mental progress went everywhere, nowhere and out there. I don’t think we got more than 5 miles without stopping to look at something, or laugh on the side of the road. We pulled off at every park and historical marker there was(and maybe a few that weren’t really there, I can’t really say for example, if that cavalryman statue really had yellow boots, or really, if it was there at all). There was at last one(maybe 2) mini-marts that probably took weeks re-organizing after our epic peyote fueled re-stock pranking, and cart filling.
There was laugh-puking by the side of the car. There were slow speed idiotic driver switches, both inside the cab, and slowing down to a crawl to run around the car, because feasel was afraid to take the car out of gear….. Feasel was something else, maybe another story…
But the most epic thing to happen during that June ride across Texas, happened just a little bit before the New Mexico border. We had driven through the night, feelin’ much more comfortable about driving, more so as the peyote seemed to wear off, or be blunted by the pot, maybe both? Anyhow Feasel had taken over to let me sleep a little, since I had driven most the night while he slept. I was out quick too, and dreaming those vivid post hallucinogen dreams, head smooshed into the passenger window. Not sure how long I had been dreaming, when, from somewhere behind me in the dream, I heard my recently deceased buddy, Corey Charley’s voice.
He had died about 9 months earlier in a pretty nasty car accident. (A car accident that involved the occupants coming down off of hallucinogens, no less, though that wasn’t disclosed for about 10 years, I had no idea at this particular moment, that mushrooms had been on the menu before his accident. Nope, just a buddy that had died too young). But I hear his voice, or more accurately at first, his laughter. Corey had a distinctive,”Heheheheheehe” laugh, that was unmistakable-able, and that was what I heard first. It woke me, it was so clear, and as I was groggily openings my eyes I hear, in Corey’s voice, with a hint of laughter, “watch out Dude”….. I look forward, and the fast lane that we are flying low in is about to run us straight into a bridge abutment. Turns out , for the last 1/2 mile or so, big signs have been warning us that three lanes will be narrowing down to two to go over a two lane bridge. Too bad Feasel is asleep at the wheel!! I reach over, and grab the wheel just in time, and I mean JUST in time, to avoid the abutment and get into the lane, swerving and sliding across bridge, hearing Corey’s laughter in my ears fading away as the bridge popped into my review mirror….. and then of course, Feasel woke up! He hadn’t heard a thing, not ’til I yelled some choice obscenities while swerving across the lanes of the bridge.
But I heard it, plain as day. My buddy Corey, reached back from the other side to tap me on the shoulder, one last time….

Now I would be disingenuous if I didn’t pause to ponder whether hallucinogens had any part in this, just as disingenuous as if I left out the possibility of God having a hand. Was I more receptive thanks to hallucinogens? Was it Illusion? Was Corey, having done them(hallucinogens) prior to his death, a factor? Or, as many would suggest, was it the hand of God, using a voice I would listen to? Honestly, I don’t know… I know this, It WAS my friends voice, his character. It was in that tone you use when you laughingly catch your buddy just in time, keeping him from stepping in shit, or off the embankment, that tone. And that laugh, well, anyone that ever met him, ever heard it, has to believe I knew it when I heard it….. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE……..


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So I have been doing a lot of reading on local history, and am amazed at the amount of historic sites we live right on top of here in the San Pedro valley. It seems there have been numerous clashes of culture here, whether it was the clash of the Apache and soldiers from Spain, Mexico or the U.S., or perhaps even clashes between the Anasazi and Hohokum cultures. I guess it isn’t surprising, water being as scarce as it is in the Southwest, was, and still is, worth fighting for…… ask Afghanistan… but that is another story… I wanna discuss hyper-local history.
So first off, Camp Grant, an old Cavalry post… I have read varying accounts of the fort and the massacres, but can’t find consensus on where it actually was. Anybody have theories, or proof? In all likelihood it is private property now, anybody know who’s? Any chance they might let me bring my boys out for a little archeological adventure? Can I bring my metal detector? It would be really exciting to find some evidence of the fort, to be able to show my children history they can touch.
I have fond memories of childhood arrow head hunts with my Dad and Grandad. There was a Corps of Engineers flood control dam near where I grew up, that was drained every Winter. It became these expansive mud flats, and you could walk around on the bottom of the lake, and occasionally find arrow heads and other artifacts. Once, on one of these trips, I found something amazing, but nowhere near as old as arrowheads. I was ranging way out ahead of my Dad and Grandad, and came upon a really large, rusting metal cylinder sticking up out of the mud, which turned out to be unexploded ordinance from World War II!! Apparently this lake was a practice drop zone for bomber training during WWII, and obviously, this one was a dud…….. Dud or not, you should have seen, and heard, my dad and grandad when they finally caught up with me, to find me jumping around on top of this thing, asking if we could take it home…….. I mean, finders keepers, right? Needless to say, the arrow head hunt was over for the day…..
Another interesting site would be Aravaipa canyon, site of a couple more massacres……. Is anyone aware of the actual location of any of these battles? Again, possibly private property, but wow wouldn’t it be cool to be able to map where they were for future generations.
I also know that there are many sites in the San Pedro Valley that are from the old Hohokum Culture, and have had a couple promising sites pointed out to me. Does anyone have any artifacts they want to talk about? Sites they know about? On a related note, has anyone heard the theory that the Aztecs may have come from the Anasazi culture, before migrating into Central Mexico?

Then there is Crystal Cave… What is it? I found a reference on an old map, but haven’t seen it on more recent, up to date maps. It seems it might be on Apache land, but nobody I have asked seems to know anything about it. Anybody know about it? Are there security or safety reasons that may explain why it has dropped off the maps?
And of course there is the mining history. I must confess I know precious little about it. Are there any places I could safely take my boys to explore that history? I know old mines aren’t the safest places to go, especially with children, but do I have any relatively safe options? My dad was crazy about Gold prospecting, so I would love to show my kids historic sites my dad would have gone nuts for. Yes, the Superstition Wilderness is on the list of course, but I want to see what is right here as well.

Of course, I am sure there are interesting historical sites that I know nothing about. Ranching history would be cool. I understand River road possibly runs, at least for part of it, on the oldest wagon road in Arizona, anybody seen any evidence to support that? Who knows about Old Spanish Land Grants that may have been up here? What about gamblers and outlaws? History is right under our feet, please folks, share your stories, so we don’t lose them.